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Quick Steps For Microsoft Office Unlicensed Product And Activation Error

The “Unlicensed Product” error in Microsoft Office typically occurs when the Office suite detects that the installation is not properly activated, or the licence has expired. Initially the office program shows a message Unlicensed Product. If that product is not activated. Then the program requires an official licence key for an activation.

Office Unlicensed Product

Quick Steps to solve this Unlicensed Product Error in Microsoft office 2019/2021:

Verify Your Subscription or License:

The first step in resolving the Unlicensed Product error is to ensure that your subscription or licence is valid and up to date. If you have a subscription-based version of Office, such as Office 365, check if your subscription is active and not expired.

For users with a perpetual licence, confirm that your licence key is genuine and hasn’t been used on multiple devices

Sign into Your Microsoft Account:

If you are using a subscription-based Office product, sign into your Microsoft account associated with the subscription.

1.     Open any Office application.
2.     Click on “Sign In” or “Activate” to enter your credentials.

This step helps the Office verify your subscription status and activate the unlicensed product error message .

Reasons for this error Unlicensed Product and Activation Error in MS Office:

Office updates:

Sometimes, updating Office to a newer version can encounter the Microsoft office Unlicensed Product and Activation Error if the update process encounters issues or if the update itself is not activated properly.

License file corruption:

In some cases, the license file that is used to validate the Microsoft Office installation may become corrupted or damaged, leading to the Microsoft office Unlicensed Product error.

Activation issues:

Office requires activation to verify the authenticity of the product key. If there are any issues with the activation process, such as network connectivity problems or conflicts with other software, Office may display the “Unlicensed Product” error.

More Quick steps to fix this Unlicensed Product error In Microsoft 365:

 Restart Office Applications:

Sometimes, a simple restart of the Office application can resolve the office unlicensed product error. Close all Office applications, wait a few seconds, and then relaunch the application you wish to use. Check if the Unlicensed Product error In Microsoft 365 persists.

Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Office:

If the office unlicensed product error persists, you can try repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office 365.
1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows computer.
2. Go to “Programs” or “Programs and Features,” and
3. Locate Microsoft Office in the list.
4. Select it and click on “Repair” or “Change” to initiate the repair process.
5. Alternatively, you can uninstall Office and reinstall it using the original installation media or by     downloading it from the official Microsoft website.

Use the Office Activation Troubleshooter:

Microsoft provides an Office Activation Troubleshooter tool to help users diagnose and fix activation issues.
Visit the official Microsoft support website and search for “Office Activation Troubleshooter.” Download and run the tool, following the on-screen instructions.
The troubleshooter will attempt to identify and resolve any activation-related problems.

If none of the above steps resolve the unlicensed product error, it is recommended to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. Microsoft’s support team can provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation and help you resolve the issue effectively.

If Office activation fails, you’ll see Unlicensed Product or Non-commercial use / Unlicensed Product in the title bar of your Office apps, and most features of Office are disabled.

Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office :

  1. Sign in to Office with the right account.
  2. Check for multiple copies of Office. 
  3. Check your subscription status.
  4. Troubleshoot activation.

A license with no conditions whatsoever which dedicates works to the public domain. Unlicensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.

when you bought Microsoft 365through an online store, go to or and follow the on-screen prompts.

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